Alfa Romeo


6C 1500 Sports Two Seater

After engineer higher Vitorrio Jano of the notch designed the large successful runner of P2 Prix, it turned to the design “a cheap light car with the brilliant execution”. The new car was completely a departure with the cars earlier of the road of sparte, than all of large “furnaces” used and “sixes”. At the beginning shown in Milan Motorshow 1925, that always took two years before the 6C 1500 would be available for the many eager customers. It was the beginning of a chain of the sports cars designed and strongly successful of D Alfa Romeo de Jano.
Like several of the designs of Jano, the 6C 1500 was clean and simple, but strongly effective. It believed that the engines should look at as good as they function, and its engines turned superbly. An integrated engine of six cylinders, moving just below 1.5 liter was installed in the 6C 1500 (consequently the name). It was equipped with an air camshaft simple conduit by an axis. A gear box at four speeds was directly bolted on the engine.

The engine and the gear box were adapted in a steel reinforcement, which was suspended by the axes of phase and the springs blade semi-finale-elliptic around. It was available like short version of footing of 2900 millimetres and version length of footing of 3100 millimetres. The factory offered a certain number of four and six bodies of seater like standard and spider of two seater were available on request. Several of the coachbuilders of Italy like travelling and Zagato also offered bodies for the light and nimble frame.

For the use of competition the version of “sport” was launched in 1928. It was equipped with a double air version of camshaft, which increased the power with 10 BHP with 54 BHP. The execution was further increased by adding a superheater, increasing the power still other. With a 6C overfed 1500, Alfa Romeo recorded the first of eleven victories in the Thousand Miglia. The highest output of 84 BHP was carried out by the superb sport Testafissa, which comprised a block and the head moulded in-unit.

At 1929 the 6C 1500 was succeeded by the 6C with larger engine 1750. Today very little is on the left around 1000 6C 1500s built and the majority of them are now equipped with the more powerful engine 1750.

Described is a 6C 1500, equipped with an open body established by Alfa Romeo along the lines of a design of Zagato. One sees it here with bidding 2005 of Retromobile de Christie, where it changed hands for Juste more than $150.000.

Country of origin general of characteristics of the years of Italy of the production 1927 – 1929 presented at numbers 1925 of Milan Motorshow established the design Alfa Romeo of body 862 (of all the versions) inspired by the kilo of Zagato Weight 1000/2204.6 books

The engine of gear box directly before place of 6 engines, Cu the litre/90.7 longitudinally assembled displacement 1.487 in Valvetrain 2 valves/cylinder, aspiration of the D2 carburettor of zenith 30 of fuel food of SOHC naturally aspired the hand drive operation of wheel of back of drive speed of the gear box 4

The figures of execution actuate 44 BHP/33 kilowatts @ couple N/A BHP/Liter 30 power of BHP of 4200 t/mn/litre to weigh the report/ratio 0.04 BHP/kilogramme of higher km/h speed 110/68 M/H: “mph 0-60 M/H: “acceleration N/A of mph

By Papa Keren.